Be Prepared

When you enter into the adult world enverything changes.

One of the biggest changes are going to be that you are now responsible for your own finances and dwelling place.

This can be extrememly frustrating sometimes as a young adult.

Be prepared and ask questions of what will be required of you by the Apartment management company for you to apply.

They are usually going to want to see a few things:

  • I.D.
  • Check stubs from your place of employment
  • a verfication from an employer
  • Bank statements to be sure you make enough to “afford” the apartment
  • Credit Score

It’s particularly this last item that is often frustrating for young adults.  You see you are not born with a credit score assigned to you.  A Credit Score that will become the thing that your world revolves around for most of your future.

Credit is something that takes much time to build up and takes years of purchases and pay offs for the Credit to become “established”.

Having established credit is the biggest ruse because nobody and nothing can tell you where you are at in the process of becoming established… it just magically happens one day and you wont know why…

Be prepared for these people to ask very personal questions and get into your finances in a way that you have not been used to before…

Make sure you have a good solid job as you will have to sign a leas for at least 1 year.

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What Floor to Choose

Most apartments will have an array of selections of which floor you would like to live on.   This can be a horrible and terrifying decision for a first time buyer.  With no prior knowledge to pull from one must make a decision that could affect them negatively for an entire year….  This is a lot to place on a person!

Lucky You, I have vast apartment living experience and can offer some insights, lets jump through the pros and cons of each floor:


1st floor:


No Stairs, shorter walk with groceries, MAXIMUM heating and air potential, safest in tornadoes.


Loud people above you, most burglarized, susceptible to flooding


2nd floor:


only 1 flight of stairs to help keep you in shape, medium HVAC potential, balcony


Stairs still suck when you have to carry stuff, you still have noise above you

3rd Floor:


NO noise above you!!,  Stay in great shape, balcony, safest from crime, cheaper rate


Grocery day and moving days suuuuuck, AC unit not powerful enough in the summer, feel the thunderstorms shake the building.


OK , well there’s my condensed pro/con list to try and help offer some assistance on your new apartment hunt.

Happy hunting, and don’t choose the 3rd floor, even though its normally cheaper it seems like a really good idea at first, but frankly… its just not…


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Apartment shopping is certainly not at the top of my list of fun things I could be doing.  It is one of those necessary evils of finding a place to stay.

If you are single it can usually be pretty easy, you tend to think more practically when you are single.  You find a place with a sink, a toilet, a shower, and maybe a bed.  That’s it, those are like your only qualifications, that and it coming in under budget.  Find that and you’ve found home sweet home.

Try and accomplish this same process as a married person and you may not walk away from the apartment hunt unharmed.

I believe there are some tips and tricks to apartment shopping, as well as some do’s and don’ts when choosing a place.  We will cover all of that and more with this blog, thanks for visiting and be sure to show some love to our sponsors.